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The human body is a complex and highly effective. Nutrition is one of the essential mechanisms because therein lies our survival in the first instance. So, what happens? Why the body fat and sick, why it doesn't combat these disorders. The answer lies in evolution. It has provided us with an almost perfect system to survive in an environment of food scarcity. The body has learned to conserve energy through complex processes that also affect our behavior.

However, humanity, in the last 50 years has changed the environment. People has created an abundance of food, some of them with processes that alter their normal arrangement in nature: synthetic products, such as sugar or salt -toxic in concentrations that we include in our diets-, Meal that concentrate nutrients when in nature are mixed with large amounts of fiber. This has been able to avoid major famines and allowed us to feed billions of people. However, it is still so new that our body could not react and what is occurring is intoxication and disorderly reaction that leads to obesity and disease. Undoubtedly, the human body will adapt to these new circumstances, but our own have no time.

So what do we do? The answer is that we need to change our lifestyle. Our keys are modifying our eating habits and physical activity. Both are not simple, the food as well as having a biological function has a social and even emotional function. The smells and flavors lead us to our childhood, we belong to a culture and the food is pleasure and happiness.

Our vision: We can use tools that give us the keys to know our lifestyle pattern and how changes it. To do this, we have created Simply Easy Diet System that give us in one place all the tools we need.

About SimplyEasWeb LLC

We founded in May 2014, when was created SimplyEasyDiet.com to help people have a healthier lifestyle through the use of tech as a tool to make it easy and simple. Our goal is to spread knowledge in nutrition developed by the scientific community and public agencias in an understandable and usable way.

We are a startup dedicated to helping people feel and live better, reaching a healthier weight is good for our health and well being.

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